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By donating to LCF, you are investing to improve the well-being of Latino children and families by leveraging your gift with others for greater impact.

Over the past seven years, the Latino Community Fund has invested over $165,000 in Latino-led, Latino accountable non-profits that are results driven, culturally competent, language appropriate and use evaluated practices that can be shared among our communities.

Fact: Of the billions of dollars distributed each year by philanthropic institutions, only 1.3% of the money is invested in the Latino community. (Hispanics In Philanthropy, 2011)

Thank you very much for your online donation to the Latino Community Fund.



We are stronger together. By giving your time, knowledge and experience toward our shared goals of improving the well-being of Latino families and children, we can have a stronger impact.  Please contact us to join others in the cause.


Attend an Event

LCF values efficiency, participatory processes, transparent decision-making, and devoted leadership. We welcome people of all incomes, races, ethnic backgrounds, languages, sexual orientations, genders, and abilities to participate in Latino Community Fund processes, activities and events.


Become a Sponsor

Your sponsorship will support the following:

  • Empowerment of youth across the state to develop  leadership skills and engage in community projects that help to close the early learning and school readiness gap.
  • Training for community leaders and youth to improve access to healthcare through outreach, presentations, and media.
  • Improved the capacity of Latino nonprofit organizations in diverse Washington counties through the Washington State Nonprofit Leadership Academy, to strengthen their ability to serve local needs.


In the last seven years, LCF has invested over $165,000 in Community Grants to promote and improve education, economic empowerment, arts and culture, civic engagement, environmental justice and health in our communities.

Last year, LCF increased nonpartisan civic participation through contact with direct phone calls to more than 8,000 residents, and reached many more thousands in Eastern Washington through radio. We also successfully advocated for the largest allocation to farmworker housing of $27 million, and for inclusive admission policies for talented undocumented students to attend the UW School of Medicine.

Community Recognition: Connect your brand with the fastest-growing population and biggest minority consumer base in the nation. Today, the Census Bureau recognizes over 770,000 Hispanics residing in Washington alone, approximately 11% of the population.

Your sponsorship will have the following reach in the Latino community:

  • E-mail Database: Over 5,000 opt-in email subscribers.
  • Online Exposure: Over 5,000 Twitter and over 4,000 Facebook followers of LCF and its board members. Over 500 average page views per month on LCF’s website.

Interested in sponsoring an LCF event, please contact to meet your goals.

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