2018 Community Grants

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The nomination has closed for 2018. Reach out to lilliane@latinocommunityfund.org for other opportunities. 

2018 Community Grants Open Call for Nominations

Do you know a great, under-resourced Latino-based program or organization that is doing critical community work to develop community leaders? If so, please nominate them for the Latino Community Fund’s (LCF) 2018 grant award.

LCF is accepting nominations for 2018 Community Grant Awards to support Latino programs and organizations that are developing community leaders. Nominations can be completed and submitted by anyone: Staff, board members, and/or community leaders can complete the nomination and have their community organization considered to receive funds.

Selection Priorities

Priority for selections will be to Latino/a-led, Latino/a-accountable groups, programs and organizations that actively build community leadership within the Latino/a community. Priority will also be given to small and under-resourced organizations and programs (less than $500K in revenues per year) that are doing great work in the Latino community. The emphasis is not to create new projects, but to build on the excellent work organizations and programs are already doing in the area of building community leadership and its impact on the Latino community. There are no priorities set for any one issue area (e.g., education, health). A community leader engagement committee will review and make recommendations for the selection of awardees. Approximately 8 to 15 grants will be selected and awarded, ranging from $1,000 to $15,000.

What do we mean by Building Community Leadership?

Building community leadership means developing the skills, knowledge and connections of those leaders and organizations to implement change in our communities. LCF believes in bridging the gaps for Latinos/as to reach leadership roles, continuing to develop the capacity of local leaders and organizations to grow engaged community leaders of color.

What do we mean by Latino/a led and accountable?

In order to be eligible programs and/or organizations must be Latino-led and accountable. In order to meet this eligibility criteria the group must meet two of the following three conditions (a, b and c):

  1. More than 50% of the programs’ or organizations’ governance board is Latino/a.
  2. The Executive Director (or equivalent) of the group or organization is Latino/a.
  3. The groups, program or organization’s work is directly aimed at improving the lives of Latinos

In addition, the nominated program or organization must be:

  • A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, or, have a fiscal sponsor with a 501(c)3 designation.
  • Based in and/or conduct a majority of their work in the state of Washington.

How do I nominate a Latino/a organization or program?

After the community leader engagement process is completed, awardees will be notified of grant awards the week of October 15th and will be invited to a community award ceremony and recognition event on November 8th.

Contact Us!

We welcome your questions about this call for nominations. 

Lilliane Ballesteros: lilliane@latinocommunityfund.org / 661-717-2761

Peter Bloch-García: peter.blochgarcia@latinocommunityfund.org /206-354-1487


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