• Understanding the Wildfire Landscape in WA

  • Ententiendo Los Incendios Forestales en Washington

  • Programa de Liderazgo y Capacitación Contra Incendios

  • Economic Justice

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  • Engage

    Join others in creating change and investing in our shared future for the well-being of Latino families, youth and children.


The Latino Community Fund cultivates new leaders, supports cultural and community based non-profit organizations, and improves the quality of life for all Washingtonians. 

To achieve its mission and address the needs of Latinos, LCF programs create a vibrant community through civic engagement, healthy families, arts and culture. 

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LCF provides free and unbiased counseling to over 1,200 individuals each year, helping connect underrepresented communities to health care related resources. In addition to being part of a statewide Benefits Enrollment Center, LCF also offers community engagement, outreach, and education services regarding different environmental issues that affect the health of families through the King County Dirt Alert program.

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LCF Leadership team: Our success is directly attributed to leadership, expertise, and visionary insight of this team. 
Learn more about the dynamic individuals leading the way to a stronger community. 

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Get Involved

We are always striving to help our friends and members get involved. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining us and supporting one of our listed programs and events, please contact us at [email protected]

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