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The Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and Refugees

The Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and Refugees (CHWCMR) is a passionate group of volunteers dedicated to the promotion, empowerment, leadership, continuing education and integration of Community Health Workers (CHWs) into the healthcare system to improve the quality of life of migrants, the mobile poor and refugees. Our Members: are comprised of CHWs, Community Health Representatives, Community Health Advisers and other related titles, and representatives of academic, media, government and private institutions and dreamers, who believe in the cause and would like to contribute their professional expertise toward improving the quality of life of migrants, the mobile poor, and refugees by incorporating CHWs to clinical and community-based settings.

Mission Statement:  Encourage and support Community Health Workers who serve migrants and refugees by creating new opportunities and developing innovative solutions.

Vision: Support CHWs to allow them to increase their personal potential, improve their quality of life, support their family, and better serve their community.

Values: Compassion, Respect, Leadership, Integrity, Hard work, Accessible and trusted members of the community

CHWCMR Executive Director
: Ileana Ponce-González-Snohomish

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