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Hispanic Seafair

This scholarship program wouldn’t be possible without you. 

Your support creates the opportunity for students to fulfill their dreams! Not only are you investing in their education today, but you are expanding their options for success tomorrow. 

Diversity, academic excellence, leadership and community are the backbone of our program.

The Hispanic Seafair Scholarship Program for Women is designed to give young Latinas the opportunity to celebrate our culture with the goal of enriching their lives through community service, academic mentorship, personal growth, and resources needed for successful leadership. The recipients of the scholarship program are given the titles of Miss Hispanic Seafair and Hispanic Seafair Ambassador. Both women serve as representatives of the Latino community through a year of service.

Latino Community Fund is actively collaborating with community leaders to raise funds for scholarships that will benefit students pursuing creative majors. LCF will also be working with business leaders to provide financial assistance to students all year long, regardless of gender and citizenship status. 

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