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The New Economy Washington Project was initiated by Front and Centered, the People’s Economy Lab, Poverty Action Network, and the Washington State Budget & Policy Center to identify the elements to advance long-term, systemic transformation in our economy. 
Our vision is to build an economy that is rooted in democracy and self-determination, is sustainable and equitable, and creates shared economic well-being. This is a fundamental reorientation away from an economy rooted in growth, commodification, extraction of labor and resources, and exclusion based on race and gender. We envision a Washington where all people’s fundamental needs are met, including having free time for important things like family and participation in community life. Where all work is dignified, rewarded, where all workers have a voice at work, and where everyone can afford to live a good life. Where the air, water, and land is clean and healthy.

We are currently supporting donations to support the next phases of this work. Your donation will support six key strategies, including:
  • Form the backbones needed to convene across silos within and between movements affected by the economy.  
  • Build the bigger we, organizing statewide, training leaders, and aligning strategy.  
  • Change the story of how the economy is perceived and build belief that we can do something about it.  
  • Build the new economic models, not dependent on the rules in place today, and learn from practice.  
  • Change the rules that maintain this system and that can support a new vision, working across issue areas.  
  • Move the money, divest from the extractive, exploitative economy and invest in self-determination for communities most impacted
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