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Washington Dream Coalition - Monthly Donation


Monthly Donation

Washington Dream Coalition (WDC) is a non-profit network of young, undocumented immigrants and allies. Our mission is to address inequities and obstacles faced by immigrants in Washington State through community based organizing and advocacy.

Funds raised by this program will help the Washington Dream Coalition do the following:

  • Conduct monthly community forums and outreach events to educate the at large community on immigration issues, in addition to undocumented families. From past experiences WDC has been successful on reaching 40-60 people per event.
  • Provide stipends for volunteers to coordinate community forums and outreach.
  • Provide leadership and professional development for youth organizers.
  • Help cover travel expenses for student volunteers conducting outreach all over the state of Washington.
  • Contribute to develop trainings for educators, students and employers regarding undocumented youth (Deferred Action). 

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