Healthy Latino Families Initiative

LCF is rooted in the Latino community and has successfully worked with the target population since 2006. LCF is the leading philanthropic organization for Latinos in Washington, with over 6,000 supporters statewide. The provision of linguistically-appropriate and culturally-competent services is core to our mission and infused into all LCF programs. Under LCF’s Healthy Latino Families Initiative, LCF currently provides free and unbiased health care coverage counseling to over 1,000 individuals each year. LCF also offers community engagement, outreach, and education services regarding arsenic and lead contamination in the surface soil through the King County Dirt Alert program.

In our experience, successful outreach in the Latino community is dependent upon trust. Trust is one of the main factors in working with a diverse Latino community. In order to maintain the trust of the community, LCF prioritizes open, two way dialogues with community members to identify barriers and opportunities to reach our community. LCF has a proven track record of being a reliable source of information within the Latino community.

Relationship-building is the cornerstone of effective outreach, because it engages new individuals and organizations, creates unique partnerships, and builds momentum.

The Latino Community Fund of Washington connects the Latino community to resources by actively providing leadership development to promote self-advocacy and capacity-building within existing communities. The Healthy Latino Families Initiative, which SHIBA has been a program of since 2012, is one of the main program areas for LCF. The goal of the program is to help ensure fair treatment of meaningful involvement of Latinos in order to address disproportionate impacts on the health of individuals and communities.

Through the Healthy Latino Families Initiative, LCF engages community members and local media to help spread the word about health issues and environmental conditions that impact our communities. LCF has engaged over 1,200 individuals per year connecting them with trainings and resources around access to health care and the environmental risks of lead and arsenic in the soil.

In the past ten years, LCF has:

  • Engaged over 10,000 individuals in King, Snohomish, and Pierce County, providing access to health care and environmental justice education and awareness through the Healthy Families Initiative;
  • Provided access to medicare saving program, medicaid/apple health, food stamps, and energy assistance;
  • Connected local community members in South King County with resources on environmental and climate justice issues the community is facing through the King County Dirt Alert program;
  • Provided free, unbiased, and confidential assistance with Medicare and health care choices through the Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) program; 
  • Worked with the Fair Work Center to provide education and outreach of labor standards in the community;
  • Leading Community Dialogues in the community to help develop solutions for environmental inequities with the City of Seattle.

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