Latinos in Tech Go See Pixar's: Coco

Written by Rabecca Rocha

For as long as I could remember I wanted to draw. I’ve never really seen my culture depicted positively within the 3D or 2D animation world. Most recently my colleagues and I from Latinos in Tech Washington were able to go to a screening of Pixar’s: Coco.

The energy was high and nervous, would this live up to the hype? Would this be a carbon Copy of “The book of life.” A well meaning, gorgeous movie with cover songs in the style of mariachi to make american audiences feel as though they could “relate.”? Would this movie feel the need to explain Día de los Muertos to its eager audience?

When the lights dimmed, I felt my heart putter as the music began and much to my surprise even the Disney beginning music was beautiful. I felt the tears well and it didn’t stop. Los colores, the brightness and seeing the environments built in such a world was overwhelmingly beautiful.

The dynamic storytelling along with the characters like Hector and especially his great great grandma, who picked herself up by the bootstraps and took care of her own, reminded me so much of my own abuelitas and especially my little brothers.

La familia es todo. I know this sentiment well and watching this in a PIXAR movie no less was like being seen, I tried to regain my composure during the plots and twists but it was to no avail.


The minute we see Hector strum his guitar I recall myself audibly gasping, not to be corny but it really did take me for surprise that we would then be transformed into the land of the dead by way of vibrant gorgeous colors.

For the first time witnessing a story and environment put together with so much care, throw backs to the Rancheros and the musica it felt like home. Seeing our stories told by and for us is truly the beginning of the ever expanding black and brown voices that are coming forward.

I highly recommend taking your whole family, friends and anyone else who was as skeptical as I was (along with much of my staff.)

Pixar’s Coco is now open to select theatres, even some are in spanish so check your local listings.

About the Author

Rabecca Rocha is an 2D/3D  Artist residing in Belltown, She is currently working on an indie game as one of their 3D character artists, volunteer designer for GeekGirlCon and in her spare time performs Let's Play! videos for her Channel LatinaGeek. 

She is the first of her name, mother of cats and is committed to growing the Latinx gamer community. 

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