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In Washington State immigrant workers and owners of small businesses bring substantial contributions to the state’s competitiveness and economic growth. But despite their positive impacts, many of them are disproportionally affected by poverty, economic instability, and lack of access to tools, information, and resources necessary to thrive. As our state continues to adopt new technologies and transitions towards a green economy, it is crucial that BIPOC communities are properly equipped to participate and benefit from emerging socioeconomic opportunities. Supporting immigrant microenterprises and small businesses, and enabling a skilled and adaptable workforce is of essence in achieving our vision of equity and collective prosperity.


Our Approach

We believe that community driven processes are critical to effective interventions in order to increase economic mobility and reduce poverty. From inception and throughout the implementation of our projects we work closely with the community to gain their support and ensure their needs are met. In collaboration with public and private institutions we:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of existing laws, rules, and regulations as it relates to employers and employees.
  • Provide linguistically and culturally-relevant information about current social and economic resources.
  • Enhance knowledge and skills of micro and small business owners.
  • Encourage and facilitate active and informed participation of civil society in legislative and decision-making processes.


Our Services

We work closely with small businesses mainly owned by people of color, immigrants, and women across the State of Washington. We provide comprehensive assistance delivered in the most appropriate cultural and linguistic form. By providing guidance and support, promoting opportunities for growth, and connecting small businesses to available resources, we are advancing economic equity and empowerment. Our services include:

  • Business Education Our free workshops and trainings provide the opportunity to learn from how to create a business to how to improve your marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Support We believe that understanding the proper marketing tools is critical for the success of a business. We make sure that businesses understand their target audience and have the most effective tools and strategies to reach them.
  • Technical Assistance Through one-on-one consultations we help small business owners identify, redefine, and/or achieve their goals.

If you need support, please contact:
Maria Martinez (King County): (206) 581-4207
Eva Lujan (Yakima, Tri-Cities): (509) 731-4939
Silvia Bautista (Yakima, Tri-Cities): (509) 731-4679

Our Partners

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