LCF Leadership Team

Our success is directly attributed to leadership, expertise, and visionary insight of this team. 
Learn more about the dynamic individuals leading the way to a stronger community. 

Peter Bloch Garcia
Executive Director

Peter strives to live the values of LCF as he continues to build the organization to carry forward the work of previous great leaders.

Jose Manuel Vasquez
Director of Leadership Development and Programs

Jose is passionate about connecting our community to resources and helping build the capacity of future leaders. Being an immigrant that grew up in Seattle, Jose has many personal experiences of the needs of our local community.

Lilliane Ballesteros
Director of Development and Capacity Building

Lilliane is a development and fundraising professional who has worked with nonprofits in Seattle and her hometown, Los Angeles. Lilliane works to communicate LCF’s broad vision and increase resources to benefit the community.

Jennifer Arlem Molina
Program Manager, Economic Empowerment Initiative | Hispanic Seafair

Jennifer's professional experience consists of business consulting, corporatesales, digital marketing, event planning, teaching, visual art and photography. She has been a creative person her entire life. Being an immigrant that grew up in Seattle, she frequently references her childhood experiences as a source of inspiration. Her goal is to inspire people to work together to build a more vibrant and stronger community. 

Monserrat Jauregui
Project Manager, Healthy Latino Families Initiative

Monserrat is a graduate of Seattle University's International Studies department and a full time mother. Originally coming from the beautiful Skagit Valley, she is an active member in the Latino community throughout Western Washington. Monserrat manages programs under the Healthy Latino Families Initiative. Monserrat strives to improve access to health-related resources for Washingtonians through community engagement, outreach, and education.

Oskar Zambrano
Director of Civic Engagement and Advocacy

Oskar has his roots as a community organizer since 1994 fighting California's Prop 187. Ever since, he's been advocating in the community to ensure that disenfranchised communities  are civically engaged and their voices get heard.

Monica Salmoran
Benefits Enrollment Counselor

Monica is passionate about helping those in need and is working towards becoming a Registered Nurse. She helps provide Benefits Enrollment services through the Healthy Latino Families Initiative. 

Micaela Razo
Program Manager

Micaela has lived in Yakima County for most of her life where she involves herself with community organizations to make a positive change. She is known for her effective workshops, outreach planning, community engagement and developing civic leadership. Micaela resides in Yakima with her two daughers, golden retriever Sadie and sassy cat. 

Peter Barrios
Capacity Building and Development Coordinator




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