LCF Leadership Team

Our success is directly attributed to leadership, expertise, and visionary insight of this team. 
Learn more about the dynamic individuals leading the way to a stronger community. 

Peter Bloch Garcia
Executive Director

Peter strives to live the values of LCF as he continues to build the organization to carry forward the work of previous great leaders.

Alissa Mustre
Coordinator of Civic Engagement and Advocacy

Alissa was born and raised in Yucatán, México and immigrated to the US to pursue higher education. As a social justice activist and advocate, she is passionate about working with marginalized communities and youth empowerment. She is passionate and committed to social justice and human rights, and has been involved in a number of organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP). 

Alissa is a recent graduate from the University of Washington in Seattle, where she earned her B.A. in Political Science and Law, Societies and Justice. During that time, her research focused on the immigrant population in the United States and Washington State specifically, human rights in Latin America, and environmental racism. Alissa is currently working at the Latino Community Fund as the coordinator for Civic Engagement and Advocacy, where she manages their youth empowerment and leadership program and advances their advocacy efforts. In the future, Alissa hopes to become an immigration lawyer and work with human rights issues to continue to develop her career as an advocate.

 Alejandra Tres
 Senior Strategist  

Alejandra Tres is Senior Strategist and brings her decades of advocacy, organizing, research, and leadership experience to forward LCF's community-led systemic change. Alejandra is thrilled to work alongside committed, talented, and tenacious community leaders and organizers. She believes that the best solutions are community-led solutions and that anyone, regardless of the details of their background, can be a changemaker.

Emely Perez
of Economic Empowerment Initiative

Emely is committed to empowering the community through asset-based advocacy. Her education in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington and her upbringing, as a daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico, has helped her understand the importance of having accessibility to information. She understands, through her family's experience, that resources aren't always widely disseminated, and barriers exist for traditionally underserved communities limiting their access to information due to location, work, language, and literacy levels, among other factors. LCF’s asset-based approach to meeting the community where they are is a model for all organizations who work with communities, and one of the many reasons Emely excitedly joined the team. She hopes to contribute to the work that LCF does by being a bridge between communities and information while using education as a tool for empowerment.

Jose Manuel Vasquez
Director of Leadership Development and Programs

Jose is passionate about connecting our community to resources and helping build the capacity of future leaders. Being an immigrant that grew up in Seattle, Jose has many personal experiences of the needs of our local community.

Lilliane Ballesteros
Director of Development and Capacity Building

Lilliane is a development and fundraising professional who has worked with nonprofits in Seattle and her hometown, Los Angeles. Lilliane works to communicate LCF’s broad vision and increase resources to benefit the community.

Luzmila Freese
Grants and Contracts Coordinator


Marisol Morales
Communications and Development Coordinator

Marisol is a daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, raised in San Jose, California and moved to Washington in June 2016 because of her fascination with the culture, technology, and art scene of Seattle. Marisol is excited to apply her ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector and new skills learned in the Digital Technology and Cultures Degree program at Seattle University to deliver services, support, resources, and connected learning opportunities to families and professionals through digital media tools that are interactive and user-friendly.

Merivet Lombera
Youth Organizer for Central Washington

Merivet lives in Yakima WA along with her mom and two younger siblings Eli and Angel. She is a first-generation college student at Central Washington University, where she studies Psychology and Communication. She first got involved with Latino Community Fund in 2015 through the Alianza program where she continues to develop her nonprofit leadership. In her free time, Merivet enjoys running, reading non-fiction books and spending time with her loved ones.


Micaela Razo
Program Manager

Micaela has lived in Yakima County for most of her life where she involves herself with community organizations to make a positive change. She is known for her effective workshops, outreach planning, community engagement and developing civic leadership. Micaela resides in Yakima with her two daughters, golden retriever Sadie and sassy cat. 

Monica Salmoran
Benefits Enrollment Counselor

Monica is passionate about helping those in need and is working towards becoming a Registered Nurse. She helps provide Benefits Enrollment services through the Healthy Latino Families Initiative. 


Oskar Zambrano
Director of Civic Engagement and Advocacy

Oskar has his roots as a community organizer since 1994 fighting California's Prop 187. Ever since he's been advocating in the community to ensure that disenfranchised communities are civically engaged and their voices get heard.


Carlos Rojo
Alianza Youth Organizer Fellow

Erika Arias
Alianza Youth Fellow


Usman Naushab
Alianza Youth Fellow

Usman Naushab is currently a student at the University of Washington, majoring in Political Science and Communications with a minor in Diversity. He started as a volunteer at the Latino Community Fund before staying on for the summer as a Youth Fellow. Through his studies and his time as a mentor to kids in underserved high schools, Usman understands the need for equity in our economic and political system and strives to promote that in his work at the Latino Community Fund and its political arm, Progreso. 





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